What do you care about most in your life? 

How can you live more fully, enjoy more love and create more justice in your lifetime?

Phillippe Citrine, MA, Somatic Coach & Polarity Therapist  Pronouns: none or ze/zir/zirs

Phillippe Citrine, MA, Somatic Coach & Polarity Therapist

Pronouns: none or ze/zir/zirs

I offer emotional support, somatic coaching and healing energetic bodywork for nonbinary, transgender, and queer folks in Asheville, North Carolina.

 I am also available by secure videoconferencing from anywhere in the world. I love working with folks in rural areas who don’t otherwise have access to radical healing work.

My style is warm, curious, collaborative and fiercely non-judgmental. I am poly and kink experienced.

I work with individuals, relationships and groups. We can embody the transformation we need to build thriving communities of change.

my healing space in downtown Asheville

my healing space in downtown Asheville

It is part of our task, as revolutionary people, who want deep-rooted, radical social change, to be as whole as it is possible for us to be.

— Aurora Levins Morales

I will support you to:

  • create deeper awareness and presence with yourself and in relationships

  • deeply calm your nervous system so you can find more energy and resource to face challenges in life

  • gain increased confidence in setting boundaries and asking for what you want

  • find more ease, pleasure and relaxation in the body

  • develop more comfort in opening to the love that’s already in your life

  • stay more grounded in your values under pressure

  • find a greater ability to connect with your intuition and manifest your vision

  • create more sustainable ways to offer your unique gifts to your community

My Practice

Working at the intersection of healing and social justice for over 20 years, I’ve served my communities as a therapist, coach, somatic bodyworker, activist and educator.

I hold a deep anti-oppression framework exploring  how we are each uniquely shaped by layers of experiences of both privilege and marginialization.

I am committed to your personal healing path and our collective liberation. Together, we can heal limiting patterns of protection from stress, trauma and social inequality and embody the vibrancy and power we need to create bold, sustainable movements for social justice in our communities. Our healing is possible, necessary and desperately needed.

How do you begin to make the changes you want in your life? The answer is practicing something new. In our sessions, you receive support to try on new ways of being so you can overcome blocks to making the changes you desire. Additionally, I offer practices to actually build the skills you’ll need to thrive once you get there.

Interpersonal and collective experiences shape our beliefs and responses in unconscious ways. Such shaping may lead to behaviors which are out of alignment with our visions for our relationships and social justice. Rather than denying the influences of our culture and systems of power and oppression as traditional psychology often has, I acknowledge how we as individuals and families are impacted by our social context. Instead of labeling or trying to fix you, we will build your awareness of your patterns and responses to support you in having more positive options.

I have worked with clients to successfully resolve challenges with:

  • anxiety

  • complex ptsd

  • confidence/self-esteem

  • creating a healing practice

  • embodiment

  • emotional, physical and sexual abuse

  • emotional & physical intimacy

  • gender identity

  • internalized oppression

  • polyamory/open relationships

  • sexual assault

  • sexuality

  • sexual orientation

  • trauma

Guiding Principles of Healing

  • Life is an evolutionary process. We are always moving towards healing even when it feels like we are slipping back into old habits and patterns.

  • We are designed to heal. And sometimes we need support to activate this process when we are afraid, stuck, heart-broken or confused. We are part of life and this aliveness wants to flow through us as fully as possible.

  • Touch is a powerful way to deeply connect. Unfortunately, many of us have had harmful experiences of touch. Trained consensual touch can offer a profound dimension of healing beyond talk therapies to heal trauma, abuse and disconnection from our bodies. Use of touch in sessions is always optional.

  • To embody change in our life, we need our full self including our body and spirit on board, not just our brain. When something isn't shifting the way we want it to, we might find we cannot just think our way to change with our heads. Bringing our whole self into alignment by finding the parts of ourself that are scared, hurt or stuck and need healing creates real, deep and sustainable change.

  • Love has one attraction towards our center. When we are looking for fulfillment outside of ourself we will always come up empty. If we do the deep work to create a safe loving home inside, we can feel other's love for us and how we are a natural part of the beauty of nature right here, right now.

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My Story

Originally from north Georgia, I returned to the south after a decade of working inside social justice movements and practicing somatic coaching, counseling and therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area. The majority of my individual and relationship clients throughout my professional career have been queer, polyamorous, mixed race, femme, genderqueer, nonbinary and/or transgender.

My personal healing process with trauma and PTSD as well as exploring my authentic gender expression as a non-binary femme genderqueer person have inspired my professional calling. I resource myself by creating art, practicing yoga, playing with my cats and spending time in these gorgeous mountains.

I practice Generative Somatics Coaching, Polarity Therapy and hold a Masters in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. 

My past social change work with queer and transgender youth storytelling, white anti-racist organizing, sex positive education in schools, survivors of sexual and domestic violence, and ending the root causes of child sexual abuse all deeply inform my practice. Movements for disability justice and health at every size are important to me. I hold a commitment to the collective liberation of all people in my work. 


  • Generative Somatics Coaching for Social Justice: Level 1, 2 & Advanced, Somatic Bodywork 1, 2 & Advanced with Staci Haines & Richard Strozzi– 10 years of training with ongoing professional consultation, 2009-present

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy- California Institute of Integral Studies, 2011

  • Polarity Therapy for Social Change: Levels 1-6 with Suzanne Roberts, 2015-2017