Phillippe is passionate, grounded, supportive, nurturing and motivating. -Social Worker

Thank you for helping me find the strength to change my life. I am forever grateful. -Professional Artist

I re-ignited passion and belief in myself. -Massage Therapist

Phillippe is very authentic and engaging, has a great sense of humor, and demonstrated a depth in connectivity. -Psychologist

Feeling Phillippe's commitment, support, integrity and grounding is amazing. -Activist

I like your pep and the positive energy that you radiate both in your presence and voice. I trust that our healing work is leading me to a more positive place in my own life when I feel that energy in you. -Professor

Phillippe is compassionate, kind, centered, honest, and insightful. -Yoga Teacher

I find Phillippe's methodology refreshing and perspective uplifting. Our sessions are personal and direct while maintaining a flexibility based on the spaces in which the exploration went. My personal growth to move forward into new relationships was directly related to the tactile, expressive nature of our sessions. -Musician

Phillippe has an incredible sense of integrity, keen insight and a grounded self-aware presence. Ze has a gift for helping people work through personal trauma, deal with issues in relationships, and grow from their challenges. -Tattoo Artist

Finally I am living outside the rules of gender. I am really learning about who I am rather than reluctantly paying attention to “authority” on gender. You are so fun and enjoyable to be around and I get a sense I truly have someone who will help my parents understand my needs for the first time. -Teenager exploring their gender

Phillippe's style feels both fresh and timeless, superfluous yet useful, enlightening and progressive. I consistently emerged feeling empowered to face the fears and blockages of the past with renewed enthusiasm and new tools. -Tech Professional

Thank you for creating such a safe, nurturing and creative space and for providing guidance and inspiration. I can feel how much you love your work! -Entrepreneur

Phillippe is patient, kind and understanding. I have felt comfortable enough to open up about the impact of childhood trauma on my life now without feeling shame or embarrassment. Ze listens without judgement and helps me feel at ease. Phillippe has helped me use my creative talents to release built up emotions. I feel safe, supported and understood. -Server

Phillippe is someone to trust, someone who will give their 110% and someone who puts their knowledge, learning and life experience into practice, every single day. -Social Justice Organizer

Phillippe is warm, insightful and dedicated, and has spent a lifetime in the queer community. Artistic, creative and centered, Phillippe brings the whole individual into focus in zir work with the warmth and light required to work especially in areas of trauma and healing. -Audio Engineer