What is Coaching?

Coaching offers support to follow your deepest desires: from the fire of frustration to envisioning a different way of being so you can create the pathways and heal the internal obstacles towards the life you want to live.  

I work with individuals, couples, relationships and small organizations. My style is warm, direct and collaborative. I offer somatic work and expressive arts because both offer powerful healing that traditional conversational or talk therapy alone cannot fully access. 

What is the difference between therapy and Somatic Coaching?

Our bodies and spirits have the natural ability to heal with support and guidance. The body has deep potential for reflection, integration and transformation. I offer an embodied approach that focuses on aligning your energy, body and actions with your vision and goals.

Somatic Coaching can be a great fit if you:

  • have specific goals you want to achieve

  • long to live more fully in your body to experience more presence, connection and pleasure

  • are ready to explore hands-on healing in a creative, collaborative relationship

  • want to focus on deepening into the present to create your ideal future

  • want to complement your trauma-healing work in therapy or counseling by including somatic bodywork

Somatic Coaching may not be a good fit right now if you:

  • are currently in crisis

  • are seeking a diagnosis or medication

  • need a letter from a licensed therapist (MFT or LCSW) or licensed professional counselor (LPC) for hormones and/or surgery

  • are experiencing current challenges with mental health issues, suicidal thoughts or unaddressed addiction

If needed, I can refer you to a qualified local counselor or therapist.

What are sessions like?

Weekly sessions are directly designed around your vision and can include deep listening, somatic awareness, art-making and feedback.

I also offer somatic standing practices based on Aikido, a peaceful Japanese martial art, somatic bodywork, and art-making to keep our work interactive, insightful and even fun as you move towards your goals.

Sessions include daily practices to take home with you to create the change you want in your daily life.


What is Somatic Healing?

Generative Somatics is a path of embodied transformation that integrates the mind, body and spirit into healing work. Somatic work supports you in connecting with yourself and what is important to you. If you want to move beyond just understanding and actually see and feel results from your healing work in your life, Somatics is for you! 

Somatic bodywork takes place fully clothed face up on a bodywork/massage table. 

This work offers practices to align your thoughts, body and actions with your ideals. My approach will support you in building trust and intimacy in your relationships while giving you the ability to set boundaries. As we practice new ways of responding to stress, triggers and life changes, we can take action for positive change in our families, communities and social movements.

Generative Somatics uses physical and energetic practices to literally re-wire our neurological pathways through practice so we gain new choices in responding to life events. In session, we will stand up and engage with your body responses to feel, explore, learn and try on new ways of responding to challenges in life.

I support you in gaining increased awareness of your present time somatic sensations. We will attune to your breath, temperature, pain, pleasure and aliveness as a way to connect to your longings, needs and wisdom.

Generative Somatics is based on the work of Staci Haines and her extensive study and practice in personal and social change, trauma and recovery, and Neuro-linguistic Programming. The lineage comes from decades of body-based healing integrating Polarity Therapy, Gestalt, Vipassana meditation, and Aikido practices.

For more information about Generative Somatics, visit this website.


What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a form of energy work that deeply calms the nervous system, restores resilience and supports us to increase our inherent life force. This healing art requires minimal or no touch and is offered fully clothed sitting or lying face up on a bodywork table.

What are Expressive Arts?

Expressive arts healing is for everyone from professional artists to those who haven’t picked up a crayon since childhood. Or for anyone who wishes to utilize additional forms of expression and exploration than just conversation.

The process of art-making itself is inspiring because we connect to our inner voice and our intrinsic power to create. Some of the forms expressive arts healing can take include: collage, poetry, music, drawing, painting, role play, gesturing, creative movement, drama, puppetry and play.

The power of the arts can be harnessed to re-awaken creativity and connect to energy and passion as well as fantasies, fears, visions and dreams. Expressive arts have the ability to access subconscious material and find inner truth more deeply and quickly than conversation.

We can use the arts to tell stories, integrate past experiences and creatively solve problems that our thinking minds alone may not be able to imagine. Art and play can also help us relax, have fun, and even heal trauma.

A session can include creating your own original art, bringing in your artwork to share or simply choosing art postcard images to represent feelings or experiences that words cannot fully describe. In expressive arts healing, the purpose of art is not to create something presentable or to judge one’s technical skill. Rather, we can use the power of the art process itself to gain a deeper connection to our soul.

What is Politicized Healing?

I’m proud to be a part of a growing movement of queer healers–  heart-centered revolutionaries who know that we must heal ourselves in order to change the world. Being a part of queer culture and social change activism has exposed me to positive sexuality, anti-oppression practices and freedom from the confines of gender roles. 

Queer, trans and poly people have developed our own vocabulary, resilience and cultures. We face challenges that are specific to our experience of race, culture, where we’re from, and the changing state of our bodies and health. A queer coach you relate to can offer deeper awareness and understanding so you can develop trust more quickly and spend less time educating them during your session time.

Somatic healing works on a physiological and energetic level to create transformation that intellectual understanding alone cannot reach. Through experiences of heartbreak, loss, trauma, and social inequality, we develop necessary but ultimately limiting somatic armoring in the body and behavior patterns of protection.

These unconscious strategies can limit our personal power and keep us closed off to love the abundance of resources available to us. With support we can learn to set healthy boundaries, practice taking better care of ourselves and focus more fully on enjoying fulfilling relationships and offering our unique gifts.  When we preserve and grow our vital life force energy, we are a powerful ‘yes!’ to what we really care about.